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Outdoor Kitchens in Kansas City

For anyone who loves cooking and dining al fresco, an outdoor kitchen can add tremendous functionality and value to a home. Outlook Hardscape enhances the functionality of your outdoor kitchen space by adding the perfect features and amenities. We custom design or use pre-built outdoor kitchens to fit your space, needs and budget.

Custom Design of Outdoor Kitchens

We offer a variety of hardscaping materials to customize the look and feel of your outdoor living space. The materials include a choice of paver, clay brick or natural stone from manufactures including: Unilock, Belgard, Techo Bloc, Pavestone, Stockman Stoneworks, KC Brick, Glen-Gery, Pine Hall Brick, Belden Brick, Sturgis, House of Rocks and Semco. Owner, Matt Hensley works with you to create a visually stunning design that maximizes the function of the space and outdoor cooking experience.

Outdoor Kitchen Features and Amenities

Outlook Hardscape outdoor kitchen designs can be tailored to meet your exact specifications and style preferences. Amenities clients enjoy are:

  • Limestone or granite countertops. The aesthetics of your home doesn’t stop with the interior rooms. Bring your style and character to your outdoor space by adding unexpected features like limestone or granite countertops that are easy to clean and beautiful.

  • Outdoor storage cabinets. An outdoor kitchen is a workspace. The workspace needs to store and organize the tools you use to cook. What better way to store them but in outdoor kitchen cabinets?

  • Mini-bar, wine cooler and countertop built-in ice chest. For homeowners who like to entertain, a mini-bar and wine cooler are excellent additions to your outdoor kitchen. Include a built-in ice chest and keep your canned and bottled refreshments cold and easy to access.

  • Refrigerator. Traveling in and out of the house to get your meat and vegetables for grilling is an inconvenience. Install a refrigerator in your outdoor kitchen and stay outside with your family and guests while you prepare the meal and replenish drinks.

  • Built-in grill or pizza oven. Do you like to grill, bake and use a smoker to prepare meals? We can customize the outdoor kitchen to accommodate the multitude of cooking devices you need for your outdoor entertaining space.

  • Outdoor lighting. Install lighting in your new outdoor kitchen to illuminate your space as you work, day or night. Adding low voltage ambient lighting illuminates walkways and paths while providing an outdoor setting where you and your loved ones can relax.


Contact Outlook Hardscape to design your outdoor kitchen today. Enjoy weeknight dinners with your family and weekend barbecues with friends in a well-designed, functional outdoor kitchen created by Outlook Hardscape.

Built-in grill surrounds
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